An American born artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Downey earned himself a Fine Art Masters Degree in London's Slade School of Art.

I had the privilege of visiting his current exhibition, An Honest Thief, and was pleasantly surprised. I found myself staying for quite some time as I commented to my friends on all the work with a very positive attitude. I had never heard of the artist before and I have grown to become a huge fan over the past week.

A small section from Downey's CV/Biography:
There are multitudes of signals and systems that govern our cities and imperceptibly determine our everyday movement. Artist Brad Downey stakes a claim for the right of the individual to interpret and understand these systems, and thus regain power in the public arena.

As a public, we are acclimatized to these signs and beacons,
and their subtle manipulation and proliferation can go undetected. Brad Downey, via his art, shines a light on this institutional regulation of public behavior. By wider awareness of these controls, his viewing public, he hopes, will gain greater understanding of his own urban and social situation.

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  1. ” An Honest Thief ” Brad Downey solo at .. STOLEN SPACE GALLERY
    January 24, 2009 – 3:56 pm

    Brad Downey
    ?An Honest Thief?

    29th January - 08th February 2009
    (Dray Walk Gallery)

    opening on 29thFEB 6 - 9

    Saw a sneaky peak. Looks good.