I had a good chat with my tutor the other day. We discussed everything from getting married to
presenting work. A lot was spoken about and I can't really put a finger on what was gained. I could
not sum it up to my friend when he asked how it went. We touched on the way I approach an
image. It was good he had something to say that had some positive and negative elements.
For example, this recent image...

does not work as well as something like this...

I know the images are completely different (interior, exterior, light) but he put it down to
my approach. I agreed and he mentioned space and allowing the first image more space to
breathe. We spoke about developing a 'style' which seems to be apparent in a selection of my
images. I think now, it is literally just the approach that is becoming a 'style'. The term
'developing a style' feels narrow. He went on to call it a relationship with the process, which sounds
slightly better for some reason. I do not think the 'approach' that seems to be working comes from
thinking hard about it. The approach is natural (oooo natural, its like a flower blossoming in the light
windy breezy wind. PINK). I think if I think about the approach too much it would be visible, and fail.
My most successful work is up on MY WEBSITE under Imagery.
The 'approach' to these have made them feel right.

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